The next step for Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation is to build The Kenswed Vocational Education Center during 2020 in order to offer more students a post-secondary education in the form of various practical education programs that lead to more job opportunities directly after graduation. We have identified the need for educational programs that match the needs of the local labour market, such as ICT (coding, web design), electricity (solar cell installation, etc.), handicraft (couture, design), and plumbing. We will initially offer students these programs, with the aim to eventually expand the number of educational programs provided. In addition, a platform for entrepreneurship is going to be included in all educations, where the students will learn about sustainability, democracy, human rights, how to run sustainable activities, how to create and manage budgets and which processes to employ.

In 2021, the Kenswed Vocational Education Center has 79 enrolled students.

Click here to watch a short video about when we started to build the school.

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