Our health and maternity clinic, Kenswed Hospital, was completed in June 2019. The clinic is financed by Zelmerlöw & Björkmans Foundation, together with our partner organizations Lööf Foundation and Rejlers AB, and is an asset to the Kenswed Community. Kenswed Hospital constitutes an important prerequisite in the Kenswed model to be able to assure good conditions for the Kenswed students and the surrounding community. Kenswed Hospital will begin to focus on providing prenatal care, general health care and sex education for youths. In addition, the clinic has started to assist with childbirth. Our goal is to provide the best possible healthcare to everyone who comes to the hospital. Click here to watch a short movie about Kenswed Hospital.

Since Kenswed Hospital opened in 2019, the number of visitors has increased significantly. The primary reasons for the visits vary from, for example, infection to high blood pressure. In the Spring of 2020, the clinic was granted permission to specialize in maternal health services – however, the clinic will continue to be open for everyone. During the current Covid-19 situation, the clinic has taken several measures to facilitate for patients to get to the clinic, for example, by collaborating with the moped cyclists, Boda Bodas, that will work as an ambulance service with the purpose of picking up and leaving patients at five different stops in Ngong Town. In addition, the clinic has also started to deliver medicine and home care to their patients. During July, the clinic had 437 visitors, which was a new record.

The number of patients has increased significantly. From 2019 until now (september 2021) 8343 patients have visited the hospital.  Furthermore, more pregnant women visit the clinic for prenatal check-ups, and so far, Kenswed Hospital has assisted with 67 births. In order to ensure safe childbirths, Swedish midwives, with significant experience from Kenyan child birth, have become increasingly involved at the clinic. In collaboration with the Ministry of health, the clinic has the possibility to offer free vaccinations to all children up to 18 months, including vaccinations against polio, measles and diphtheria.

Kenswed Hospital is still developing and is planning to conduct a round-the-clock service in the future. The clinic is also planning to start up a dental clinic in collaboration with Dentists Without Borders, and to also work more with mental illness.

Why patients visit Kenswed Hospital
The main reasons why patients visit Kenswed Hospital include:
– The clinic is very clean
– The patients consider Kenswed Hospital to be the best hospital in the area.
– The staff at the hospital is very friendly.
– When you visit the clinic, the staff give you soap and masks.