It is often not enough to only offer students at Kenswed Academy an upper secondary education in order for them to transition out of poverty. This is one of the reasons Zelmerlöw & Björkmans Foundation also finances a scholarship program providing students the financial standing to study at the university. In 2019, 29 Kenswed Academy graduates received a university scholarship. These students are now studying different subjects, such as hospitality management, Bachelor of commerce, science and mathematics, Certification in plumbing, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. For a single student, a one-year scholarship program costs on average 11 300 SEK, including social support during the study period. In 2021, 51 Kenswed Academy graduates received scholarship for higher education. 20 for University, 21 for College and 10 for Vocational School. In 2021 8 students with scholarships also graduated. 6 girls graduated from KVTC and 2 boys from University (both with first class honors). 

Margareth Muthee started at Kenswed Academy in 2014, after her older brother had told her about the school. Margareth graduated in 2017 with positive results, which was unexpected given the difficulties she experienced during her primary schooling. She was given the opportunity to participate in our university scholarship program where she has started at Don Bosco Technical School – she is the only girl in the class and in the course of study. Margareth will finish her education in less than two years, but she is already coveted in the job market and has been promised a job at a solar energy company in Kenya.