When we created the Kenswed-model we realized that many youth, especially girls, had problems getting to school since they either lived far away or had difficult situations at home. As a result, in 2017 we built a boarding school that then provided room and board to 185 girls. The boarding school is led by wonderful Naomi who teaches the girls how to wash their clothes and clean, as well as encourages them to take advantage of the opportunities provided. The boarding school provides girls access to a modern and established education program, three meals a day, fresh water and a bed with clean sheets. In addition, they are protected and cared for by adults concerned over their wellbeing. Since 2018, we have also assisted 92 boys in a resident near the school.

During 2019, we continued our work to include more girls, and today an increasing number of  young girls have the possibility to go to school and live in a secure environment thanks to the boarding school. Since we created the Kenswed-model, we have expanded the boarding school through the procurement of additional beds. In the coming years – and in connection with the expansion of the school – we aim add an additional floor to the boarding school in order to offer even more girls room and board. In the fall of 2021 the third floor of the boarding school is being built. As well as the first floor of the boarding school for boys.