Kenswed Academy in Ngong, outside Nairobi, Kenya, is the high school and education system for the most vulnerable youth in the area that we finance and manage together with local partners. The school currently has 376 students (229 girls and 147 boys) in 8 classes. In addition to a theoretical education, our program provides the best possible conditions for our students, including important elements such as equality, entrepreneurship, sustainability, sports, culture and access to healthcare. To transition from poverty, these youth need more than a traditional education to have the possibility to affect their future – this is what makes Kenswed much more than just a high school.

This is Emmanuel. He is currently in his second year of study at Kenswed Academy and he dreams of one day becoming an artist. Emmanuel often participates in art education, which is one of several activities provided at Kenswed Academy that give students the opportunity to work with their creativity. The students usually call these activities “clubs”, which consist of everything from arts to sports, music and much more.