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We need business partners!

Our vision is that all youth have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents in order for them to feel hope and contribute to their own and society’s future. To do this in the best way possible, we need different types of partners that increase the impact of our activities.

The Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation (ZBF) customizes the partnership framework together with you. Factors to consider include the degree of engagement and the extent of the commitment, which determine visibility, execution and influence. Our objective is that the collaboration leads to prouder employees, more satisfied customers and a faith in a brighter future for more youth. As a ZBF partner, you receive insight to how your contribution is utilized, and we are happy to assist in the development of any required communication material to support your commitment. It is important for us to follow the money all the way to its good cause. 


The collaboration includes the right to communicate your ZBF partnership; our communication package; the opportunity to visit Kenswed at cost; in addition to invitations to events and network meetings several times a year. We are also happy to help with suggestions on how we together can engage employees to feel a sense of pride, satisfaction and commitment to our collaboration. It is extremely important for us that all of our partners feel that they are a part of the ZBF family. Contact us for more information on how we can collaborate together to create a positive and important partnership.

Examples of ZBF’s communication package: Your company’s logo on the ZBF partner page of our website; interactive partner banner; charitable donation certificate; digital newsletter; reports of our activities; video greeting from Måns and Jonas. 


As a ZBF partner, you have the opportunity to support our work on an overall comprehensive level, or choose a program activity area that you care extra about. You’ll find various suggestions listed to the right. ZBF works to apply a sustainable perspective to all of our activities, which we do with the support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our primary focus is goal #4, Quality Education. However, through our holistic education model, we also achieve several other global goals and, as a result, integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)- factors onto our daily work. ZBF follows the money all the way to its purpose to counteract the risk of corruption, and we always follow up and evaluate our activities

We are convinced that education, together with good health, sense of security and creativity, is key to prosperity that opens up a world of opportunities. In this way, every person can feel hope for their future and contribute to a sustainable society.

We are the organization that accompanies youths all the way to a brighter future. Do you also want to contribute?

For several years, we have sponsored activities at Kenswed through ZBF and I have also visited Kenswed in Kenya. The activities at Kenswed make an extreme difference for these youths through education, health and security. For us as a company, it is important that we can follow the money and see the direct impact of every Crown. We specifically care about the young girls and the 135 spots at the boarding school that we are really proud to support. Perhaps we don’t make a big difference in Africa, but our contribution is very important for the 300 students at Kenswed.

Mattias Carlsson, CEO, TF Bank

ZBF partnership

As a ZBF partner, your company supports our overall work, enabling our organization to develop further – thereby giving more youth the opportunity to receive an education. You can also support a specific program area. You’ll find more information below.

Hospital/Healthcare Partner, Global goal # 2

You support Kenswed Hospital’s operations for a fixed number of months per year, and we are currently in need of more partners. Click here to read more about the partnership.

Cost Kenswed Hospital*:

  • 56 000 SEK = includes operational costs, comprised of salaries, medications, water, sanitation and hospital materials. 

Education Partner. Global goal # 4.

You support a fixed number of students, or an entire class of 40 students, for one year at Kenswed Academy.

Cost Kenswed Academy*:

  • 580 SEK= monthly cost for one student to attend Kenswed Academy, including teachers, instruction, classroom, equipment, electricity, safety measures, sports, creative activities and water.
  • A class of 40 students: 257 520  SEK = Operational costs for an entire class for one year at Kenswed Academy, including teachers, classrooms, equipment and water.

Security Provider Partner. Global goal # 5.

You support a fixed number of female students, or the entire boarding school of 135 female students, for one year. This includes breakfast, dinner, accommodations, hygiene items and security.

Cost Kenswed boarding school*:

  • 235 SEK = monthly room and board cost for a female student at the boarding school.
  • 380 000 SEK = yearly operating cost for the entire boarding school.

Higher Education Partner. Global goals # 4 & # 8.

You support a fixed number of higher education scholarships to support more youth in finding a job directly after finishing their education.

Cost for Higher Education scholarship*:

  • 11 310 SEK = the average annual cost for a university scholarship for one student, including social support.

Food Partner, Global goal # 2

You support Kenswed by ensuring all students receive breakfast and lunch for a fixed number of days/months/or a year.

Food cost at Kenswed*:

  • 764 SEK = Daily cost of breakfast and lunch for all 300 students. 

Vocational school partner, global goals # 4 & # 8.

You support the operations of the Kenswed Vocational Training Center (KVTC) to offer more youth a post-secondary education with the purpose of making it easier for them to get employment after graduation. 

*All costs are excluding collection- and administration costs.

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