Become a volunteer and
help us accompany more
youth all the way to a brighter furture!

Become A Volunteer

Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation (ZBF) needs the support of volunteers in order to continue our work of empowering youth and accompanying them all the way from a position of poverty and exclusion to one of education and livelihood.

Who can be a volunteer?
We at ZBF value an open community and strive to create an organization based on diversity. We welcome everyone, regardless of background, who share our values and who want to participate in Sweden in empowering youth in different parts of Africa. We are always in need of volunteers who either want to help us with individual tasks or those looking for a long-term engagement. For some of our activities, we are also in need of volunteers with specific competencies and experience. ,- Below you will find a list of various tasks.

No matter task, we expect you to:

  • Be available and stay in touch with the persons responsible for your task and with your volunteer coordinator.
  • Prepare, implement and complete your chosen task.
  • Take part of the information provided.
  • Follow ZBF’s values in your commitment.
  • Fluent in Swedish, both verbally and in writing.

How do I become a volunteer?
If you’re interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please email Lisa Stenport, ZBF’s volunteer coordinator at, and make sure to include your CV and a personal letter. The email should include some information about yourself, the tasks you are interested in and why you would like to make a commitment to ZBF. Shortly thereafter you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator. Recruitment of volunteers takes place on an ongoing basis.

What support and training do I get?
ZBF offers training for all volunteers four times a year – for, – both veterans and new recruits alike. We expect you to participate on at least one occasion in order to gain a broader understanding of ZBF’s values and our important work. You will also get the opportunity to meet and engage with other volunteers. In addition, as a volunteer you will always have access to get coaching and support from our volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer overseas
ZBF does not have volunteers overseas as we believe that in order to achieve a long-term sustainable effect it is important that our work in other countries is carried out by our local partners and on-site individuals.

Which tasks can I work with?
It is important for us that you as a volunteer feel that your commitment is doing something good and makes a difference, that you gain experience, have the opportunity to build a network and that you learn new things. We are therefore eager to-ensure that everyone who makes a commitment to ZBF,- works with tasks they are dedicated to and enjoy. The tasks can be done in groups or individually, remotely or at our office in Stockholm. You can either choose between committing to a specific task or a functional activity.

Examples of specific tasks:

  • Social Media fundraising campaign.
  • Invite your friends to dinner, which includes a registration fee.
  • Recruit new monthly doners
  • Market ZBF bracelets
  • Organise a sports event which includes a registration fee.
  • Arrange a yard sale
  • Start a local fundraising where you live

ZBF needs funding in order to provide a better future for vulnerable youth in different parts of Africa. To achieve this we need volunteers who want to participate and help us plan and implement everything from a gala, material production, to auctions and lotteries, to name a few.

Warmly welcome to make a change together with us!